All users are required to take the SSA Electronic Information Training annually (located on the Apps-Docs-Videos page) and will need to select the “I Attest” Checkbox.
All system users must have a State Active Directory account in order to access and utilize state applications (ie CIMOR). If your State Active Direcory account has been disabled please call the ITSD Helpdesk at 573.526.5888 (local) or 888.601.4779 (toll free).

Access Request Form

    Use the Contract Provider Access Request Form to receive a userID and password. When you have received the userID and password, log into the Portal and select Access Request Application under the Applications heading to request CIMOR roles. Required User Information on form MUST BE TYPED and will be returned if illegible or incomplete. You must request CIMOR roles and be approved before you have access to CIMOR.

Password Reset and CIMOR Role Setup Instructions

Customer Support

    The Customer Support Center is now available 24 hours 7 days a week including holidays for password resets and other technical issues. The toll free telephone number is (888) 601-4779. The local number is (573) 526-5888.

CIMOR Production Environment

CIMOR Production Site

Non-Production Environments

CIMOR Training Site CIMOR Training Site
   "I attest that I have taken the SSA Electronic Information Training at least once in the previous 12 months."
This training is located in the Apps-Docs-Videos folder on this portal.